PRO (2013)

Knee Cruzer PRO

The PRO Model is the newest addition to the Spry Knee Cruzer family. ¬†Capable of supporting 450 lbs, the Spry PRO Knee Cruzer is the first in kind to offer heavy duty support at an affordable price. ¬†You’ll find the same features – our trademark disc brakes, relaxed, ergonomic handlebars, and tadpole frame design – that have made Spry Knee Cruzers so popular among physicians and end users.

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Knee Cruzer ELITE

The Spry Knee Cruzer Elite is the next best thing to walking. Some customers go as far as to say it’s better than walking. The Elite Knee Cruzer is engineered to be the most comfortable and stable knee walker on the market. Featuring a rear wheel pivot function for maneuvering in tight spaces and a relaxed ergonomic handle bar grip, the Elite Knee Cruzer is the consummate knee walker that rides as smooth as it looks.

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Basic 2.0

Knee Cruzer BASIC

NEW! The SPRY Knee Cruzer Basic is built with the same pedigree as the Elite but without premium features, like disc brakes and pivoting rear wheel. This fixed rear wheel design is now available at a price that would make anyone smile.

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